How does ecommerce software for cross-border sales help you?

Adopting ineffective manual systems or standardized software are not the best options for those involved in foreign trade. Therefore, implementing a customized foreign trade software in your company is the answer to the constant changes that arise in the commercial dynamics and the tool to anticipate the requirements that, possibly, you yourself are unaware of.

An ecommerce software (such as Crossborderit’s) should not only help you to archive and organize your digital foreign trade file, it will also create a great shopping experience for your customers and easier and more transparent processes.


What are the advantages of incorporating a software to your ecommerce?


1. It adapts to your business

A tailor-made solution implies the perfect adaptation to the real business scenario so that you can comply with the requirements of the law no matter what.

2. Updates according to changes in the law

In the EU, reforms to foreign trade laws are constant; there are a myriad of articles and regulations that are updated every year, and sometimes it is difficult to keep up to date due to time constraints.

The software must be kept up to date in the areas that are relevant to you, freeing you from the worry of being aware of the modifications that the requirements of the law have undergone.

3. Optimize your time

The mechanical and manual tasks related to compiling documents and corroborating that the files of your operations are complete, require time and effort that could be used in other more strategic activities for the growth of your exports or imports.

4. Reduces risks

Keeping files in order implies knowing the different documents that must make up the file, as well as making sure that these documents have the correct data. Unfortunately, this task is susceptible to human errors or omissions.

These errors can be the result of ignorance of the laws involved in your operations and their modifications, or due to lack of attention or organization. The consequence can range from fines to suspension of your operations.

5. Save money

The previous point is closely related to saving money. Fines are an unnecessary expense, because if you keep your foreign trade records in order and with the correct data, you will avoid being subject to these obligations or, even worse, your business operation will be stopped.



Crossborderit (CBIT) will help you operate correctly, pre-auditing your requests, keeping your digital file complete.

No matter if you are in the import and/or export department, in the accounting area, in logistics or in purchasing, CBIT allows you to upload your classifications, allows you to calculate the total import costs for the buyer, collect all fees and forward them to the import broker, all this together with all relevant master data, thus making a fully complete B2C customs declaration for a smooth cross-border entry in the destination country.

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