Why should you register with IOSS?

Ecommerce companies will be wondering why they should bother with IOSS.

Using IOSS means that goods go through customs faster because VAT has already been calculated and accounted for, plus the end customer has full visibility and will not incur any surprise costs when picking up the product. The key focus should be customer satisfaction.

Using IOSS saves you and your customers headaches. You can offer your customers a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience by taking care of all VAT declarations and payments for cross-border transactions. Plus it helps speed up the movement of goods through customs.


What are the benefits for retailers?


Loyal customers

When making a cross-border purchase, customers face uncertainty due to multiple surprise invoices and customs challenges. By registering your company with IOSS you will be able to show your customers the total cost at the time of the transaction and streamline the customs process.

Centralized and effective customs clearance

After July 1, 2021, there will be no central clearance option for vendors who do not register with IOSS. The applicable VAT rate will be in the EU country where the customer is located and will be obliged to arrange direct transport.

Reduced administrative costs

Your company, being registered with IOSS in an EU member state, will be able to use this registration as a basis for shipping throughout the EU.



What are the benefits for your customers?


No surprise costs

Customers will no longer have to pay any surprise charges, taxes or additional customs fees. This means a completely transparent transaction. Ecommerce and marketplace companies can advertise their products at full price (including VAT and all shipping costs).

Faster delivery

As VAT is already calculated and accounted for, the products will pass through customs quickly thanks to the standardized system. Unlike customers who buy through an unregistered supplier.

Hassle-free transactions

As your company is registered with IOSS, your customers will no longer have to go through another procedure to pay VAT.


Crossborderit has a simple solution. We help with all aspects of Classification, Calculation, and we will even collect the duties and pay them on entry so there are no delays. The customer knows what they are going to pay when they buy the product. Customs is paid accurately allowing the package to be delivered just like a domestic shipment.

Apply easily for IOSS representation through Crossborderit (CBIT) onboarding site. All shipments under 150 Euro will require an IOSS representative. CBIT can guarantee these shipments are paid for and compliant.


Damon Baca


Crossborderit (CBIT)


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From that date all low-value shipments (not exceeding 150euros) sent to the EU will be subject to VAT, this applies both for shipments from a third country and EU member countries. In addition to this, a declaration for all packages will have to be submitted to customs and taxes will have to be paid according to the VAT rates of the country.

What are the advantages of IOSS?

What are the advantages of IOSS?

Until now, there was no tax on shipments valued at less than 150 €. This will change after July 1, 2021, all shipments in the EU will have to pay VAT.

IOSS: the Import One Stop Shop for companies outside the EU

IOSS: the Import One Stop Shop for companies outside the EU

The IOSS scheme was designed for the sale of “low value” goods (not exceeding 150 EUROS) from outside the EU to EU buyers.

Normally, shipments from non-EU countries with a value of less than 22 EUROS are exempt from VAT.