The Four C’s

CBIT is a modular four-part platform that can be integrated with partners, Carriers, 3PL’s and Merchants. CBIT’s approach is designed to work with other companies even if they have solved one or more pieces of the international trade supply Chain.

The Four Cs at CBIT






Crossborderit (CBIT) offers a SaaS classification Platform. The solution allows you to upload your classifications in batch and move away from Spreadsheets. CBIT classification solution allows you to share your database within your company making sure there is no additional work for other divisions.

Custom Brokers

Customs Brokers can have child accounts to organize their customers and make sure all codes or the highest quality.


Merchants can organize their product offerings and make sure that a fully Qualified Code is a part of the product mix.

Getting your code

CBIT offers a human intervention in determining harmonized codes. This means that at the base of our logic is a human that can stand behind that code rather than depending solely on AI (Artificial Intelligence) Once the code is determined we allow our machine learning to enhance the value of your codes and make sure they are up to date, tested and constantly compliant.


The CBIT platform has a small monthly license cost, batch uploads and classification for big databases and a per code cost of just a couple dollars or less.


Crossborderit (CBIT) has a simple API driven calculation that can tell you everything you need to know for landed cost. Not just Duties and Taxes but fees associated with the clearance and handling. This might be the clearest landed cost calculator available.


Crossborderit (CBIT) can collect the duties and taxes in your checkout or other platforms. We Can take that payment and move it with the shipment, so it is paid on clearance. This removes the liability of billing the customer later. It also allows for quick deliver without Customs Authority waiting for payment.

Customs Digitized

Crossborderit (CBIT) supports brokers by integrating the clearance data into their clearance system. This removes errors and the need to hire and train many employees to have an accurate low-cost Clearance.

What does it mean to be MODULAR

The modular nature of CBIT allows a customer or partner already performing one piece of the transaction process to continue with their current process.


If you have your codes or are producing the codes somewhere else CBIT can use the codes to make the transaction happen.


If you are determining calculation that’s great, we can help to improve your codes or help with collection and streamlining the customs documents.

Collection / Payment

If you have it all figured out you can pay CBIT and we can marry the transaction to the payment. Paying the shipment duties and taxes on entry, removing the need for any collections are stalling of the shipment.

International Shipping made transparent

Give your customer the real price of the products they have purchased

Streamline Customs Clearance

Eliminate surprises

Create a loyal customer base

Crossborderit gives your customer real time-accurate duty and tax information. We can even collect and pay the fees on their behalf.